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Property Sales and Management of Your Kerala Home


We can manage or sell your Kerala property.

Property Management

With offices based in Kerala, our property management team surveys and maintains your property when you can’t be there.   Each month, our service team visits your property and inspects the building for any weather damage, deterioration, or other common building issues.  Our inspection team reviews key aspects of your property and provides monthly updates directly to you.  In addition to our standard monthly visits, inspectors can be sent to your property at your request for an additional fee.

Property Sales

Our firm was created with the struggles of US-based Keralites in mind.  When working with a US-registered company such as eMountain Realty, we mitigate these issues through thorough understanding of both Indian and US real estate and tax laws.

So how does it all work?  Read our detailed FAQ below for more information on why eMountain Realty is the right partner for you.

What are your property sale services? 

eMountain Realty acts as your one-stop real estate agent to guide you through all aspects of advertising and settlement of your Kerala property, all from the comfort of your home.  Through partnerships with local and regional newspapers, television channels, and social media, our agents target potential buyers and help negotiate the best deal for you, our client.  During the listing phase, you’ll receive monthly reports detailing activities on your property including where it’s been listed and any potential interest in sales.  If a buyer for your property is identified, we work through all aspects of the process – from the legal negotiations to the final settlement as well as additional accounting serices.

What do your services cost?

Our program provides simple, affordable solutions to managing your offshore property.  Our one-year contract starts at only $91/month after your first $100* deposit.  Discounts are also available should you choose to pay for the full year in one payment.  Payments can be made by check, cash, or credit card. We also offer automatic electronic funds withdrawals from your checking account or credit card.  Should you property not be sold in the first year, you have the option to renew or discontinue the contract.  *Non-refundable

Do you offer other payment plans?

You can choose to pay up front for a discounted rate or sign up for monthly or six-month plans. 

Is there a commission charged on sales of property?

Yes. For any successful closings negotiated by eMountain Realty, a 6% commission of the final sale price is charged.

What happens with my non-refundable deposit? 

Once the initial deposit has been made, eMountain Realty begins the process of title searches property assessment, and inspection.

What happens if my property is sold prior to the completion of my contract? 

As soon as a contract is signed with our clients, eMountain Realty gets to work on making arrangements to advertise and sell your property.  Any remaining payments for the term of the contract will be required prior to closing in order to reimburse these expenses.

What happens if my property doesn’t get sold in the first year? 

If your property remains on the market after the first year, you are given the option to either continue the contract for a second term or to discontinue services.  Additionally, eMountain Realty will extend services at no cost to you.  We will continue to advertise and promote your property for an additional year absolutely free with no obligation to continue.   Pay only the required settlement costs and commission to eMountain Realty should your property be sold during this second term.

Can you guarantee that my property will be sold? 

eMountain Realty is committed to ensuring successful property listings and sales.  Our primary goal is to ensure that your property’s potential for sale at the forefront of the key channels used by potential buyers.  As with any real estate, there is no guarantee that your property will be sold, however, with offices in Kerala and in the US solely focused on this market, you can be assured that we’re working 24/7 to find you the best payoff for your investment.  eMountain makes no commission on unsold property – we work with both your interest and that of our reputation to ensure that only our best resources are put to work for you.

What are the procedures for signing a contract?

The initial signed contract and deposit provides eMountain Realty permission to obtain a copy of your deed and allow us to assess and inspect your property.  If, upon inspection and successful acquirement of any necessary documentation, a seller’s contract is provided to you for review.  The Seller’s Contract provides authorization to eMountain Realty to act as your agent and move forward with listing your property for sale.

What if I change my mind after signing the initial contract?

All clients have 48 hours to make any changes for full reimbursement.  After the 48 hours grace period, contracts may not be cancelled or payments reimbursed.

Once a property is successfully sold, what happens next? 

After a successful settlement, our primary goal will be to ensure that your money reaches a designated account either in Kerala or in the US, as in most cases.  We have partnered with legal and accounting teams to help handle your case and we will put you in contact with a CPA in the USA specialized in international money transfers.  All information remains confidential and you will be advised on the best next steps to walk through this complicated transaction.

How is the 6% commission adjusted?

The commission is the responsibility of the seller of the property and ensures that both the seller and agent receive any due monies.

What is included in the settlement charge? 

Various settlement actions, including payment to the writer and court, are handled with the settlement charges.

Why should I work with eMountain Realty instead of listing my property by myself or through a contact in Kerala?

Unlike the US real estate market, real estate in Kerala is loosely regulated with very little protection for the buyer and seller.  Additionally, the Indian real estate system is extremely complex and can be financially disastrous for individuals not experienced in this industry, especially for homeowners who are not physically present at the property.  This is further complicated with ever-changing US tax rules for foreign investments that can cause significant tax implications on your yearly returns. Our firm was created with the struggles of US-based Keralites in mind.  When working with a US-registered company such as eMountain Realty, we mitigate these issues through thorough understanding of both Indian and US real estate and tax laws.  Additionally, our network of print, television, and online media provides exposure to your property that wouldn’t be possible working alone or with family or friends.  We work with you through every step of this complicated process, from handling property listings, to settlement, taxes, etc. – instead of handling these alone, eMountain Realty acts as your personal guide. 

I’m interested in your services, however the property is under a deceased family member’s name and not my name.  Can you still work with me?

Absolutely!  Contact us today and we'll walk you through the process for legal transfer of ownership.