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Property Sales & Management of Your Kerala Home

As with many Keralites who have left their childhood homes in India, looking after older family properties becomes a burdensome and often difficult question...

This question is even more apparent in communities who have made a life for themselves and their families in America. 

Malayalees in the United States, many of who have been American citizens for decades, are at a unique junction in trying to balance their lives here and the life that was left behind in India

The first immigrant generation is getting older and their children and grandchildren are less inclined to continue holding onto aging, outdated property in Kerala. 

Most Malayalee immigrants dream to return at some point to their parent’s home, to upkeep & live on their family’s property.

However, as time passes, this dream may become more unrealistic.

Many Indian-Americans are simply not familiar with managing overseas property that they aren’t always visiting - especially in a foreign country where they can become easy targets for financial scams and schemes.

Real estate can become a financially devastating  game in a complicated Indian system.

We can help.